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For nearly 20 years, BINYAN has worked closely with its clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Israel to complete distinct and high-quality projects.  Led by architect Naama Faucett, BINYAN has completed both residential and commercial projects of varying scale.

At BINYAN architecture studio inc, we believe that architecture should be a collaborative process between architect and client and encourage client input at all stages of the project.  We offer a variety of services, from architectural design to design-build projects that allow both for a smoother and more efficient transition from design to construction as well as a more accurate initial assessment of total costs.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to versatility, meticulous attention to detail, and a client-oriented process that considers and prioritizes the specific and unique needs of every client.

In every project we undertake, our creative and holistic approach emphasizes attention to detail.  At BINYAN architecture studio, we ground all design in a sense of place that reflects the particular characteristics of the surrounding environment; every project is a unique product of the needs of the client and the greater natural, built, and historical context.  We are committed to completing quality work and superior service, always respecting the budget and schedule of every project.  Material selection and design features always reflect our desire to create sustainable and truly exceptional structures.


The architectural process at BINYAN architecture studio is designed to create final products that accurately reflect the specific vision of each client.  The first step of our collaborative process always involves a full assessment of the needs of the client.  For residential projects, this entails everything from occupants and accessibility needs to indoor and outdoor space preferences and client lifestyle.  Commercial project assessments will include discussion of future expansion plans, new technologies, and making drawings comprehensible for non-experts. Once the scope and budget of the project are established, BINYAN produces drawings for the client.  At this point, construction begins, either through BINYAN’s design-build option or through an outside contractor.  We encourage communication and collaboration at all points in the process from assessment to completion in order to bring the vision of the client to fruition.

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Naama Faucett, president of BINYAN architecture studio inc, is registered in New Jersey and Israel in addition to being certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Naama received her Master of Architecture degree from the University of New Mexico in 1997 with an emphasis in design theory.  Her thesis project, “Representing the Unrepresentable,” proposed an alternative space to the Holocaust memorial in Berlin and was awarded distinction and several research grants.

Naama has nearly 20 years of practical experience in architecture both in the United States and in Israel.  Her international experience has exposed her to a diversity of styles and techniques that enable her to take an open and creative approach to each project.  She deeply believes in the importance of client communication and holistic design.  Naama’s work spans both private and public spheres, including residential projects, commercial structures, religious organizations, and educational institutions.

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"We hired Binyan to do a total remodel of our home in Princeton, NJ. Naama, the architect, was easy to work with and walked us through the entire process since we were first time home renovators."


"We will never look to hire anyone but Naama and Rob for any work done at our house. Amazing attention to detail, friendly, kind people, and a tremendous care for old homes and unique spaces - a rare find and one we are so grateful we experienced."


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