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BINYAN architecture studio inc. led by the architect Naama Faucett is a New Jersey-based, fully integrated architecture design firm. 


In BINYAN architecture studio, we truly believe architectural design is a collaborative process between the client and the architect. This is why at BINYAN architecture studio, we strive to translate the client’s program and expectations into a harmonious design, creating spaces that are layered and distinctively unique for a client's needs.


Our main goal is creating beauty is all surroundings. We achieve it by completing every project to the highest standards.  Our thoughtful encompassing design service begins from sensible programming, through a well-structured design process, to construction administration and interior detailing.


Over the last 15 years, BINYAN architecture studio has completed residential and small commercials projects in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Israel. Our firm’s diverse experience in designing new homes and adding/renovating existing structures and our prolonged interest in environmentally-responsible design provide clients a multi-faceted architectural service, one that integrates all project aspects.


In BINYAN architecture studio, we have great respect for a project’s budget and schedules along with a strong passion for quality work. Therefore,  the firm is committed to delivering an uncompromising level of service to its clients.  




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